It all started with

"Mirna-Mira Zoom"

Mirna and Mireille are two cousins that presented “Mirna-Mira Zoom” show every week to their family at the comfort of their grandparent’s house. The show included songs, dances, games, and competitions using the simplest materials at home.

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Growing up, they realized that those memories had an impact on their learning process and who they became right now.

However, this sort of education have nothing to do with the one they received at schools. Out there, this delightful challenging discovery process is seen as a load, a burden!

From here was the idea of Beit El Warsha born, Beit means Home in Arabic, and Warsha means workshop, so it is “The home for workshops”. 

We want to be a turning point for education. Instead of being a burden, it will be a wanted adventure, where every child is a seeker not a receiver of knowledge.

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We are turning the children's everyday learnings into educational games.

This way, education is fun!

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Our journey began with

Adventure in a room!

Whenever a child enters one of our workshop rooms, they dwell in an interactive playful adventure guided by subject matter experts to discover new topics like flowers arrangement, electrical inputs and outputs, stop motion, etc...

Then we transitioned into


A campaign is a set of workshops tackling a certain topic. Our favorite one was definitely "Nawarha Sah" in partnership with the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy and German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

A campaign about energy efficiency that ended up with children reducing their electricity consumptions 12% compared to their last year. 

Such a significant change, only because of children learning through games.

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In both our workshops and campaigns, our team designed all the tools and games.

And now

Card games!

So, we thought why not bring those adventures and this enlightenment inside every home?

And we started our newest line by designing educational knowledge and skills-based board and cards games.

This way, children would discover the world, one game at a time.

Instead of children isolated staring into screens, you will hear laughs and see tangible excitement. Mothers will be assured that their children are playing, enjoying while also enriching their knowledge and skills.

Our vision is that one day, whenever a child wants to discover a topic in the world, they would seek out one of our games to fulfill their curiosity.